ADDICTION how do I stop this addictive behavior?

Change from addiction comes from within, many people say they want to be clean and sober but they haven’t convinced themselves or their mind that this is going to happen no matter the consequences.

Most people when trying to get clean and sober feel as though they have become boring or that they are letting their friends down by not joining in on the fun of drugs and alcohol.

The fact of the matter is for many people, getting clean and sober comes with both a cost and an outcome.The cost is twofold, either your friends will leave you, this will be the addiction’s doing, not yours. Or you will leave your friends, this will be your choice, mainly because without the influence of drugs and/or alcohol you will see that these (so called) friends where either not good friends to begin with or where only your friends because you had the same addiction holding you both together.

In some cases though you may be lucky enough to have really good friends that were always there as your support network but your addiction hid this from you. Don’t stress, these true friends will be there even at the end (these are also the friends you need to remember to thank later).

Now if you have the courage and determination to get clean and sober, and I mean not just telling others this is what you want, I mean actually telling yourself this WILL happen, I guarantee you will see the outcome. You will find friends that support and love you, including the ones the addiction hid from you that have actually been there the whole time. You will find time you never knew you had (as your addiction is stealing this time from you right now without you knowing it), you will feel better about yourself and you will look better within yourself.

Breaking addiction is always hard, but you MUST get your mind onboard with the idea first that you will stop your addictive behaviour, so it can work with you, not against you.