Words Control Us.

What is your passion, what drives you? Who remembers when they were young and how you wanted to be a fireman or a policeman or fly airplanes, whatever that dream may have been. How many people now as an adult work long hours, aren’t happy with their job, their life or their relationship? Who thought their life would be vastly different today than it was when you were a child?

How many people now have kids of their own with their own dreams of becoming a doctor or a fireman, policeman, whatever their dream may be? How many of you actually talk to your kids about their dreams, hear how passionate they are about them, sure they have never done this but that’s not going to stop them from trying. How many actually listen to how excited your child sounds when they are describing this dream of theirs. Who remembers how they felt when they were that age and were that excited?

Now how many of you actually achieved your childhood dream?

Any person, child or adult can achieve their dreams; children can always achieve this merely with support, as they already have the internal drive to want it in the first place coupled with the ability to keep trying until they succeed. How do kids learn to walk, they never give up on trying that’s how, they will fall over time and time again, they will hurt themselves in the process but they will never give up. That child knows that he or she wants to walk because they can see everyone else doing it and they want to do it too and they will keep going until they achieve this.

As adults we have gone through a lot in life and we have had our fair share of failures, we have had people, parents, family and friends saying things like “don’t do that, don’t be stupid, you can’t do that” to the point where we start believing in those words and stop believing in ourselves and in our abilities.

I always wanted to be a pilot when I grew up but I have an inner ear infection that my parents kept telling me would prevent me from being able to do this. That in itself was ridiculous as it doesn’t prevent me from being a passenger in a plane; I believe it had more to do with how expensive it would be to learn how to fly. Unfortunately though I believed them, and I never pursued this dream, when all I needed was the encouragement and support of my parents and I would have found a way to do it myself.

This is unfortunately a too common occurrence in life today, we keep telling people they can’t! Because we were told we can’t and we believed it. How many of you today remember your parents telling you if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it? And out of those people, how many can still remember those same people telling you “you can’t, or don’t be stupid, or you’re an idiot”?

We all need to realise and understand that words hurt; I have seen grown men that have done some of the hardest street and jail time you will ever see crying in their beers because their own mum had told them to get out of their house and never come back because she hated them. Imagine how this feels to a child, maybe not that extreme but kids are always learning, always taking things in and even if you think as an adult that words are only words, to a child they are so much more.